Clean. Compact. Convenient.

The DubleRoo™ is an on-the-go, two-in-one changing mat and disposable diaper pouch, designed to provide you a clean surface for diaper change anywhere! Fin & Viola’s absorbent pad and Double-Lock™ folding technology allows your baby to have a quick, clean change while making sure odor and leaks from the dirty diaper are locked inside the pouch.
Packaged in a compact manner, the DubleRoo™ is easy to store in a diaper bag, keep in your pocket, in your car, and around the house. Designed with the built-in pouch technology for clean, odorless disposal, the DubleRoo™ allows you to separate and isolate dirty diapers from ordinary trash.
These distinct qualities make up the most convenient diaper changing mat you always knew you needed but never had the opportunity to use. Until now!



DubleRoo™ does double-duty offering an on-the-go, oversized, clean changing surface that has a built-in no leak pouch to contain the mess and odor.

  • Tiny & Big: so small it fits in your pocket, and unfolds to big waterproof changing pad.
  • Contains Smells: Built-in, Double-Lock™ Pouch for easy, no leak, no odor disposal.
  • Make it comfortable: Insert a folded DubleRoo™ into head pad's pocket and turn it into a cushion for baby's head, when changing in a hard surface.


  • Patents Pending.
  • Designed for babies 0 to 24 months old.
  • Dimensions folded: 2-3/4" x 3-1/4" (fits in your pocket!)
  • Dimensions open: 26" x 16" (big enough to fit a toddler!)
  • Weight of 1 unit: 0.8 oz / 0.04 lbs.
  • Contains dirty diaper smell up to 24h, when properly sealed.