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Frequently asked questions

Should I wake up my baby to feed him?

You should wake your baby every 3-4 hours if they are a newborn.

Why should my baby sleep on its back?

SIDS is an acronym for sudden infant death syndrome. Putting a baby on its back is for the safety of the baby.

Why is my babies poop weird?

Always talk to a pediatrician if you think something is wrong.

Infant poop does not look like adult poop. It is normal to have a range of green, yellow and brown.

Colors that are bad are black and red. Talk to a pediatrician if you think something is wrong.

Poop will also be different where the baby is bottle fed or breast fed. Before they start eating solid food their poop will have a liquid consistency. After 4-6 months when they start eating solid foods you will see a change.

When will my baby sleep through the night?

It can take anywhere from 4-10 months till a baby will sleep through the night. Meaning it really depends on the baby.

Is it bad to hold my baby a lot?

Holding a baby provides a child with emotional, physical and intellectual support. So no, there is nothing wrong with holding your baby a lot. There are old wife's tales that that say its bad to hold a baby often. The root of these wife's tales is that crying comes from a baby being needy. We now know babies cry because they need attention, food or are tired.

How many layers to put on baby?

Talk to a pediatrician about how many layers your baby should be wearing.

It really depends on the temperature of the room. Is it hot or cold? In hotter temperatures your baby should be wearing more clothes than you. In cold weather they need extra layers such as undershirts. Much like adults it depends on the temperature. You can always look up the specific temperature and what they should be wearing.

( P.S. if they were premature it will be different.)

Terrible twos

Toddlers don't yet know how to regulate and communicate their emotions. Because they are trying to learn these skills they will throw tantrums when they cant fully explain what they want. For example, a toddler could get upset if they wanted to walk and they are in their stroller.