Our Story

Fin & Viola is owned by us. We are committed to making wonderful new products that are “better for baby, and better for you.” Our objective is to make products and deliver service that are “better than great” so our customers tell everyone about us.

From engineering to business and everything in between, our team is comprised of a vast array of individuals each holding unique capabilities that drive the Fin & Viola™ brand forward.

August 2018

Industrial Engineering Class

Jim Fay taught his first class at Iowa State University. It was an entrepreneurial class for engineering majors.

June 2020


Three Iowa State University students from the class decided to forgo getting fulltime jobs and make inventions instead.

August 2020


Fin and Viola started in a basement. The team would work from the basement without proper space.

September 2020

Patent Filing

Fin and Viola started filing patents for their baby product inventions.

October 2020

Research Park

Iowa State University gave Fin and Viola office space to grow under Iowa State University's initiative- Innovate at Iowa State. More Iowa State University alumni have quit full-time jobs to join Fin and Viola.