About Us

Fin & Viola started as a dream, when a group of students from Iowa State University, passionate about starting a business, decided to get together with their professor and mentor and together build a brand that creates products and content that make life "Better for baby and better for you."

Their professor had a long history with baby products through his work on Huggies® disposable diapers, Huggies® Pull-Ups® disposable training pants, Huggies® wipes, and Diaper Genie®

The group decided to found the company in Ames, IA. With the support from Iowa State University, and being close to campus, Fin & Viola provides students with internship opportunities and valuable practical experience. 


   Why Fin & Viola? 


Fin & Viola are imaginary characters.

Fin and Viola have the ability to turn themselves into anything. Sometimes, they are trees and sit quietly, just observing and learning from what happened around them. Sometimes they become leaves in the fall and travel to exotic places with the wind. Other times they are bunnies and hop all over the place, exploring. Or, Fin and Viola are simply children — playing, learning, exploring, and laughing.

Playing acting is a big part of “being” Fin and Viola. The two imaginary friends encourage kids to be creative, to experience, to see things from different points of view, to learn about the world around us. They encourage positive behaviors such as kindness, giving your best effort, taking responsibility, and using good judgement. Fin and Viola come to life through our website and our products.



Our Story

August 2018

Iowa State University

Iowa State University starts a new class in the College of Engineering called "Entrepreneurial Product Development Engineering." It is a course about how to develop new products, build successful new businesses around those products, navigating life, and character. Now, three years later, E-PdE has become a favorite class for hundreds of students at Iowa State.

March 2020

An idea is born

Five Iowa State University students get together with their mentor and professor and “pitch" ideas for some wonderful and exciting new baby products.

April 2020

Getting Started

Like many startup companies, Fin & Viola started in a single stall garage... but in Ames, Iowa. After a couple months, the team took over the basement too, and then the living room and kitchen.

September 2020

Moving Out

Iowa State University came to our rescue and offered space for Fin & Viola in their Research Park. A beautiful partnership was formed.

May 2021

Into the Future

With a larger workspace, a bigger team, and a fast growing pace, Fin & Viola is ready to be in market and excited for what the future has to bring.